Konferenz [15.-16.9.2016, Gent]: Inaugurations and Coronations in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1700-1848

An der Universität Gent findet am 15. und 16. September 2016 die internationale Konferenz „More than Mere Spectacle. Inaugurations and Coronations in the Habsburg Monarchy, 1700-1848“ statt.

Aus dem Veranstaltungstext:

„Inaugurations, coronations and the accompanying joyous entries, fireworks, theatrical or musical performances, and Te Deums constitute an important research field in medieval and early modern historiography. These ceremonies and all of their attendant rituals allow us a rare glimpse of the on-going constitutional debates, and the various participants’ political ambitions and self-representation strategies. However, the inaugurations and coronations of the 18th and early 19th centuries have thus far received remarkably little attention. Often, they have been considered mere spectacles put on before passive audiences, their sole purpose to glorify absolute monarchs. This conference is the first to tell another story and our intention is to seriously examine many participants’ ambitions, alliances, power dimensions and tactics. It questions the constitutional role of the inaugurations and coronations, traces the impact of the Enlightenment, revolutions, and burgeoning nationalism, and seeks to highlight and explain the truly remarkable way in which the ceremonies were able to adapt to contemporary developments.“

Mit Bezug auf die Habsburgischen Niederlande sprechen unter anderem:

* Thomas Cambrelin (Université libre de Bruxelles): A Fragile Power in Troubled Times: The Inauguration of Maria Theresa in Brabant as a Central Sovereignty Condition in the Netherlands

* Klaas Van Gelder (Universiteit Gent): Inaugurations in the Austrian Netherlands: Indicators for Power Relations and Developments in Political Thought and Practice

Mehr zum Programm und zur Anmeldung erfahren Sie hier.

Blijde Inkomste van Frans hertog van Anjou (1556-1584) in Antwerpen, met de erepoort op de St. Jansbrug, 19 februari 1582

Blijde Inkomste van Frans hertog van Anjou (1556-1584) in Antwerpen, met de erepoort op de St. Jansbrug, 19 februari 1582

Bildnachweis: Monogrammist MHVH (fl. 1582) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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