Tagung [Gent, 30.10.2015]: 21st Dutch-Flemish Medieval Studies Day: Civitas

Am 30.10.2015 findet in Gent zum 21. Mal der Dutch-Flemish Medieval Studies Day statt.

Der Fokus dieser Tagung liegt auf dem Konzept der ‚civitas‘:

„The concept of civitas has a broad range of meanings and can be studied from a variety of angles. In Antiquity, civitas stood for a political community, the civil rights that were connected with this, and urban settlements and their surroundings. In the Middle Ages, the term civitas became more associated with the actual city, in particular with episcopal towns, fortresses, etc. From the High Middle Ages onwards, urban environments gave rise to communal ideals and political emancipation, organised trade and craftsmanship, new religious ideals, and artistic development expressed in architecture, art and literature. (…) “ (Zitat aus der Ankündigung zur Tagung des Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies)

Anmeldungen sind noch bis zum 08.10.2015 möglich.

Weitere Informationen sowie das Tagungsprogramm sind hier erhältlich.


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