Tagung (Mainz, 30.10.-1.11.2014): 5th Transnational Rhine Conference

    „The 5th Rhine conference explores the growing interdependence and interconnectedness of centres and hinterlands, which essentially facilitates the expansion of capitalism. In doing so, it is less the material process of exchange on and with the Rhine as the focus, but more the structural change linked to it, and the way and fashion in which this exchange was handled.“ (aus der Tagungsankündigung)

Die 5th Transnational Rhine Conference Amsterdam as an educator – or: The Rhine as the historic “axis of capitalism”  findet vom 30.10.-1.11.2014 in der Akademie der Wissenschaften Mainz statt.

Mehr Informationen auf H-Soz-u-Kul  [28.9.2014].