Call for Papers [Deadline 20.2.]: Perception and Performance of Social Identities in the Nascent Urban Societies of the High Middle Ages (22.-24.5., Gent)

Vom 22.-24. Mai findet in Gent die Tagung Perception and Performance of Social Identities in the Nascent Urban Societies of the High Middle Ages in North-West Europe statt. Aus der Tagungsankündigung:

    „This conference aims at approaching the perception and performance of social identity in urban societies between c. 1050 and 1250 in North-West Europe from a cultural historical perspective in its broadest possible sense. Due to the relative paucity of written materials produced by urban groups themselves, we focus not only on how new groups emerged, but especially on how they became conscious of themselves and were recognised by others. What types of behaviour and cultural expressions described in our sources signalled their existence and how were they perceived in both daily situations and extraordinary conflicts?

    The conference brings together scholars from different research traditions to approach these themes in an internationally comparative context. The programme is geared towards refining the theoretical framework and methodologies to address the dynamic of urbanisation and social change of the High Middle Ages (1000-1250) across England, France north of the Loire, the Low Countries and Germany. The conference papers will address a diverse range of topics, from general questions concerning urban identity formation before 1250 to case studies of specific groups in specific towns, and will be based on a broad range of sources.“

Vortragsvorschläge für die Konferenz können noch bis 20. Februar eingereicht werden.

Details finden Sie auf H-Soz-u-Kult.

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